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Ways to Help Children In Venezuela, Because They Are Dying Of Malnutrition

Our mission is to help all children of this world live happier lives and have a bright future, regardless of where they were born and the circumstances they were forced to live during their childhood. And even though we are a small organization, we put the main focus on taking action right now. Impacting the life of even a single child in need, it’s worth the effort. Mother Teresa said “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one” If we all help change the life of one child each, we can change the world.

But, because nowadays, it is harder and harder for non-for-profit organizations to fund their activities, we have decided to create a for-profit business with the objective of providing financial stability to the members of our team, by doing something that matters. Because with part of the profits of our sales, we are financing this amazing philanthropic program called the U Care Program.

Today I wanted to share some of the faces of the children we are helping, in Caracas, Venezuela. And a little more about the mission of this project.

Too often we see on TV, newspapers and the Internet, news about children dying of malnutrition. To those of us who have children, it is hard not to wonder, that if for circumstances of life, my own child would be forced to live a reality like that. That’s why we created this program.

I wanted to do this post to be super clear about what we do and how we can help you too. I guess you have seen me promoting our products and programs on social media and many of you may be thinking if we are really making the donations or if it’s just another marketing strategy to sell. I’m here to give you my word, that this is a real philanthropic program financed by your purchases and making a real impact in real children.

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The U Care Program – Help a Child in Need

The program is called “U Care program” and as I said before is funded with part of the profits from the sales of our Personalized Health Coaching programs and guides, affiliate program commissions and direct sales of Adriana Wellness’s products.

The U Care Program is a 100% philanthropic initiative.

Yes, we are a for-profit company, we sell products to have profits, which allow us to cover our expenses and grow as a company. But more than anything, we want to make a positive impact in this world.

We want to grow by selling products that we are sure will help you in a deep way: with your health and wellness. Because we know, and you know, that our health is the most precious asset we have.

Without True Health We Can’t be Happy


But we not only wanted to sell a product, we also want to leave a legacy. Fortunately, this is what we are doing, because by helping you to improve your life and be happy, we are also improving the lives of these children:

Ways to Help Children In Venezuela, Because They Are Dying Of Malnutrition
Children benefited by your support to U Care Program in Caracas, Venezuela. May 30th, 2018

Children in Venezuela have been the main victims of a terrible crisis. A crisis of which they are not to blame.

So, our objective with this initiative is to help you become the best version of yourself “DbestU” for short, and in the process, fund our donation program. The program main mission is to provide appropriate nutrition, tools, and support to children in need in developing countries.

With the purchase of any of our healthy eating guides, plans, coaching programs, and affiliate products not only YOU become “The Best YOU”

You help a child in need to become the best version of himself/herself.


We have started this program in Venezuela due to the proximity and knowledge of the region. I’m from Venezuela and my team is comprised of Venezuelan friends, some of whom help us grow U Care Program from there. In the future, our objective is to expand the footprint of U Care Program to other regions, and in the long term be able to help children in need from all over the planet to reach their full potential.

We founded this program with the goal of making a significant impact in the world. One of our biggest motivations is that while we help thousands of people to improve their health, at the same time we are helping our Venezuelan children who are victims of an atrocious situation originated from an economic and politic crisis without precedents.

If you are not familiar with Venezuela’s situation I invite you to watch this video:

The situation that you see in the video above is happening all around the country. And what we want is to make a positive impact and leave a mark, both in you and in these innocent children, even if we can feed just one child at a time.

The main funding of U Care Program comes from the sales of my nutritional programs, guides, courses, commissions from sales of nutritional products that we promote, and from any purchase you make from the links to Amazon that we provide, like the banner below:



Our Latest Donation Event

From Adriana Wellness, we are donating healthy meals to the children in need who attend a non-for profit organization in Caracas, Venezuela. We have done 4 healthy-meal donation events and sports activities for these children.

Our 4th donation event in Caracas took place on May 30th, 2018. It was a great success and the children were so happy to receive very healthy and delicious food, which they are lacking these days.

The event on May 30th consisted of over 30 children having lunch at the non-for profit institution, thanks to the support of our clients. And we are proud to say that all the food for all these children was founded by U Care program and the menu was healthy and nutritious, which is super important because most of these children who come to this institution present malnutrition and many of them eat just once or twice a day.

The menus offered by U Care Program are carefully studied and conceived in such a way that the ingredients are relatively easy to find by the staff (also a difficult task nowadays in Venezuela),


  1. Shredded chicken: Stewed with Chayote, Peas, Carrots, Celery, Onion, Garlic, Fresh Tomatoes, Spinach, Basil, and Broccoli
  2. Minestrone type lentils
  3. Green salad
  4. Natural guava juice without sugar

Ways to Help Children In Venezuela, Because They Are Dying Of Malnutrition


This meal was rich in nutrients. It included organic vegetables, fresh local and seasonal ingredients which not only offered an incredible taste but also gave them the type of nutrition they are so needing.

Many of these children have deficiencies in terms of weight with respect to their age, in addition to the fact that they do not attend school on a regular basis due to the lack of food (they do not have the strength to travel to their schools or to support the day without eating anything all day).

Additionally, there’s a sanitary issue since there’s a shortage of personal hygiene products as well (soap, shampoo, etc.) So these children are also prone to contagious diseases.

After lunch, we offered them a recreational activity with games and balloons.


Ways to Help Children In Venezuela, Because They Are Dying Of Malnutrition


Even though there are many challenges ahead of us, we have remained committed to helping these children with these donations and activities, since we did our first donation back in August 2017. And it’s our goal to do these activities more often, even every day. However, as you can imagine, our resources are limited. The high cost and scarcity of food right now in Venezuela make it very difficult for a small group on their own to make the needed impact.

These donations and activities we have been doing so far, are not only financed by the sales we make but also from our own pocket. However, both, our personal savings and our sales, are not enough. That is why we need you.


The need is bigger than the resources we have at this time.

That’s why we are asking for YOUR help!


Ways to Help Children In Venezuela, Because They Are Dying Of Malnutrition


How can you contribute and be part of the change?

Many have asked us how they can collaborate since this is not funded by direct donations. We are not registered as a non-profit so we can’t receive donations.

We finance this program by the sales of any of the products we have listed Adriana Wellness’ site. This way we can also add value to everyone: to you by improving your own health in some way and to children in need by bringing food to their plates.


For every $100 in sales, we donate $10

It’s a Win-Win


So, if you want to collaborate and want to make positive changes in your own life. This is the perfect opportunity for you. You can take this opportunity to help others and at the same time improve your eating habits, and that way have more energy and vitality. I know you would love that (who wouldn’t). I invite you to start TODAY. There are several ways you can be part of the change:

  1. Order our new guide of “Smoothies For Optimal Gut Health” which you will receive in with my “Diet Transformation Guide”  as a BONUS. This guide has the most important tips that I give to my 1:1 coaching clients and that have given them excellent results in their transformation process. Click the picture below


Smoothies For Optimal Gut Health


I am sure that applying these tips and including more Smoothies, (which are full of nutrients), in your diet will allow you to make great changes and feel truly healthy and energetic. Especially because by feeding your intestinal flora, you feed your second brain. And that is the key to start your transformation. Click the picture above to read more about this new guide and order it. It is a very small investment when you consider all the benefits it will bring to you and children in need.


Diet Transformation Guide


You can also join any of my 1:1 Health Coaching Programs. I have listed and described my program on my site. Click the picture below to read more


Children in need in venezuela


There are several options. If you are not sure which option is best for you, you can email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to do a FREE call with you to help you find the best one for you.


Other ways to contribute

There are many others way you can contribute to this cause.

All the product I recommend via my blog post, or in the ads inside the posts or the sides of the blog have an affiliate link attached to them.

I’m affiliated with many good and healthy sites and products, which I promote and recommend. But not because they pay a small commission, but because I really use them and I think they can improve your quality of life, on top of contributing to our U Care Program.

I really don’t recommend anything lightly and I fully believe in the products and services I recommend. I don’t do it for the money. I truly believe in the power of genuine recommendations and in this tool as a way to collect funds for U Care Program.
Being an affiliate means I may get a small commission if you purchase from my links. However, none of the prices of these resources have been increased to cover the cost of the small commission we get. You don’t pay a penny more than you would if you buy elsewhere.


I wanted to be super clear so you know how we make money to provide the donations and how you can contribute too.

So, if you feel that you are happy with your health and life (which I congratulate you for!) and you don’t think that my coaching program or guides are for you, but you do want to contribute with our cause, there are several ways you can do it:
  • Buy on Amazon via my links:

    • You can visit my SHOP page to try some of the product I recommend. When you click any of those links you will be taken to the Amazon site where you can add to your cart any other product you want and we will get a small commission for the sale (NOTE: even if you don’t buy the original product I recommended if you make the purchase within 24 hr after clicking the link we also get the commission. So it’s just a matter of getting to Amazon from my links)
    • You can click the banner I posted just below as an Amazon ad and the process is the same


Make your online purchases from my link to Waltmart

This is only if you live in the USA.  Just click the picture below and you will be taken to waltmart online store:

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


  • Do you use iPhone?

Get your Itunes apps using my link below (click the picture). You can get any app, even if it’s free, and any sale that is made via iTunes after that give us a commision



  • But Plant Therapy or Art Natural oils

If you are interested in using essential oils. I use them for many applications, and both brands are great. Click any picture on the sides of the blog or just below to try them:

artnaturals Essential Oils
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  • Register to Become a Certified Health Coach

If you are interested in becoming a better you, to also learn more about nutrition and health in-depth, and maybe also become a Certified Health Coach, I invite you to learn more about IIN: The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

This is the institute I got my certification from and it changed my life. It helped me not only to obtain more tools and skills for my career and to be able to help many more people but also on a personal level: to improve my habits even more and live a truly healthy lifestyle. It’s how I’ve gotten the knowledge and skills to create my programs and courses.

It is definitely one of the best investments I’ve done! I had it in my mind for several years and in the end, I decided to take the leap.

To do this:

  • Click the picture below and leave your details to get a FREE class and learn more about the program.
  • If you sign up to learn more via this link and then you decide to register to the program I get a commission for bringing you to IIN.
  • Notes:
    1. This course is perfect for those who are already in the wellness field: fitness trainers, nurses, life coaches, nutritionist, doctors, etc, to add even more tools to your practice and help your clients in a deeper way.
    2. This course is also perfect for anyone seeking to learn more about holistic nutrition, for their own benefit, their family and to help those they care about. Those who are passionate about this topics and are always seeking to learn and improve. This course can definitely change your life!

  • A click to any ad that you see on my site gives us a small commision. So if you see something that interests you, click on it! I don’t control, which add are shown. These are google ads types. So they show whichever they feel you will be interested in. Click only if you feel the product showed could help you in some way.

As I mentioned, the commissions we receive comes at no additional cost to you. I recommend these companies because they have helped me to maintain a healthy lifestyle and in many other ways, but please spend money only if you feel they will help you also achieve your goals.

I hope that this post has clarified any doubt you had about our company and our program. My main goal is to leave a bigger impact in the world.


If we all live a truly healthy life, we can all be happier and we can all give more to others. And that creates a ripple effect, don’t you agree?


I thank you very much for wanting to learn more about this project and our mission. And in advance, I THANK YOU so much in the name of the children in Veneuela for your contribution!


Ways you Can Help a Child Need in Venezuela

Love & Wellness



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