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Is Monk Fruit the Ideal Sweetener?

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Monk fruit, also known as “luo han guo” or Buddha fruit, is a small, round fruit that grows in South Asia.

It has been used for several centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and as a natural sweetener in Asia, but it was only in 2010 that the FDA approved it as a natural sweetener in North America.

Monk fruit extract is obtained by removing the peel and seeds from the fruit and squeezing its pulp. Like all fruits, this pulp contains glucose and fructose… but don’t worry, they are also removed in the process and what gives you The sweetness of this extract is another of its main components, EL MOGROSIDO

Thus, my friends, monk fruit does not have fructose or glucose, so like stevia, erythritol and yacon, we will not have the problems associated with these two molecules, that is, insulin secretion and liver saturation.

In addition to the above, monk fruit has no calories (just like stevia) and has a sweetening power 100 to 200 times greater than sugar.

Therefore, we are facing another option to sweeten naturally without the annoying negative effects of sugar.

Mogroside is not only a sweetener, it is also considered a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, hence it will be used as a medicinal fruit, this gives it other therapeutic properties such as its use in diabetes.

Regarding safety, there are not many studies available, the few that do exist report that it is safe, but remember that it has been used in Asia for centuries and no toxic effect has been reported so far, which gives some peace of mind in its use. I like this brand which is pure Monk Fruit.

Finally, you should remember that many of these sweeteners are sold mixed, so it is important to keep in mind that you are looking for a product that only has “monk fruit” in its ingredients.

And remember the best sweetener is the one that is not used, but there are some safer alternatives, especially for special preparations where a sweet taste is required.


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