I'm Adriana

Founder of Adriana Wellness and The U Care Program. Certified Health Coach and Wellness Expert, with a mission to empower busy moms to achieve wellness and thrive in life. And in the process leave my footprint to see a better future for our children

I’m originally from Venezuela. I lived in Spain for a couple of years and then move to Canada 6 years ago. I have a bachelor degree as a Chemical Engineer from USB, in Caracas. I love chemistry and how it affect us all in our life. Everything is chemistry: the house where we lived, the land, the air, the sea, the FOOD! And I love food and the way it influences in our health and how many years we will live.

Without food, we wouldn’t exists. “Let food be your medicine” Hippocrates said.

I started my path to a healthier life over 7 years ago. I wanted to look and feel healthy and fight against the “obesity gene” that runs in my family. Which I knew about it after gaining 20 lb in 4 months living abroad. I was astonished to know that I could become diabetic and be another obesity statistic.

I decided to change. I needed to know the facts about food and how it influences us all. After a few years I got passionate about what I was learning every day and I felt it was my responsibility to share what I learnt and help others achieve what I have achieved.

making a Career CHANGE

I decided to make a career change and study “Nutrition and Diet Planning” in Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In 2010, I started blogging to share about nutrition topics and general wellness tips so others could learn what I learned during the nutrition classes.

In 2012 I moved to Canada to continue my studies in Nutrition. With the responsibilities of my home and my studies I neglected the time to exercise and I honestly wasn’t consistent with it. I woke up again because I was starting to let the “obesity gene” win the battle again. I decided that my responsibilities of wanting to get good grades in college and be a professional would not stop me to to feel healthy inside out.

I decided to resume my fight against the gene and I took back my good habits of exercising and healthy eating. Then I started sharing my process in my blog and social media, to also get accountability from others. And little did I know that sharing my process would start to inspire many other women with their health progress.

That helped me realized that there was a need for inspiration, motivation, education and support for many women struggling with living the life they dreamed full of health and wellness.

Then I created Adriana Wellness to address all the topic in nutrition and fitness in a simple way and teach you how to incorporate healthy eating and regular exercise in your daily life without gimmicks, diets and struggles.

pregnancy/post-pregnancy  journey 

Thanks to all the knowledge I gained with my studies, after my pregnancy I was able to recover my healthy weight. It was't an easy task as I gained over 20 lb! Yes, the gene was there, I gained a lot! 

However, I exercised daily until my 40th week of pregnancy, even when my belly was so huge it was a real challenge to move. But my healthy habits were established, I needed that time for myself to take care of my body and my baby.​

I experienced that eating well during pregnancy is not an easy task, you get cravings and also get advices from many people telling you that "you can eat whatever you like" and that you shouldn't "diet".

But is not about dieting, it's about adopting habits. I knew that eating empty carbs and sweets wouldn't be good for me nor my baby. I kept my healthy diet, eat lots of vegetables, and fruits, kept drinking my morning superfood smoothie, and also had a sweet treat every once in awhile.

And those habits helped me feel energized, with good digestion and to lose the baby weight fast after delivery. That also helped my baby grow healthy and strong in my belly, and later in his life that has helped him to be a good eater. 

Adriana Wellness MISSION

​After experiencing and feeling how a living a healthy life means, and knowing the importance of good eating to be able to thrive in life and success in your career, I knew I need more tools to coach and help my community of hard working women in their quest for wellness. I wanted to make a bigger impact on you.

So, In 2017 I decided to take my knowledge to a another level and I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become certified as a Health Coach, and with this be able to help all of you a lot more! I’ve always loved to learn and study new ideas and practice them.

Because I know that as a mother entrepreneur you have a busy schedule. I know how it is, I'm like you. I know how hard it is to find the time to take care of yourself, to cook a healthy meal and even more to try to give healthy food to your family and not going for the mac and cheese box or for the boxed cereal.

And I know you may be feeling guilty because you don't know how to eat better, and don't know what to offer to your family.

Now I help “Mompreneur” feel energized, focused, and clear so they can thrive and succeed in their life and business! I provide you with practical solutions to change your lifestyle. I guide you with your diet and eating habits so you can feel energized and focused.

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