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The Ultimate Smoothie Guide for Optimal Gut Health

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adriana rueda

I'm the founder of Adriana Wellness and the U Care Program. Wife and #Mompreneur. Coffee lover and a great dancer.

I help “Mompreneurs” feel energized, focused, and clear so they can thrive and succeed in their life and business! Busy moms who want to learn how to create real and attainable health changes to be The Best Version of Themselves.

For every purchase made we'll give a meal to a child in need in Latin America.

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The Ultimate Smoothie Guide for Optimal Gut Health

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The 7 Day Ultimate Junk Food Detox Challenge

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I know you work hard for your dreams.

I know you want to be an example for your family, in all aspects of life. But I know you feel oveyrwhealm with keeping a healthy lifestyle and balancing life and business at the same time #mompreneurproblems

I know you need metal clarity, focus and energy to share your gifts with the world and want to get rid of health issues that don't let you live the life YOU so deserve.

I know how that feels, I 've been there

Work with me and I will help you get your health in order without the stress and craziness of all the "diets" and "quick fixes" that the media is trying to push on us.

Let's work together and THRIVE!

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