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My Path to Become a Certified Health Coach at IIN

A little about my story

As you may know, I’ve been an advocate for health and wellness for quite some time. I’ve always been a student and the nutrition topic has been my passion since I decided to change careers and become a Certified Health Coach.

I graduated from Chemical Engineering in 2005 but soon after graduation, I realized that the engineering world wasn’t the world I belong to. So I decided to make a change. In 2005 I traveled to Montreal, and during those months I realized that for me it was very easy to gain weight. With the change in the diet and lifestyle during that time I gained over 25lb! I was very skinny when I got to Montreal. But I didn’t know anything about diet or exercise. 

I started taking interest in the field. So I decided to find out and I started to read every book and article about nutrition. I certainly didn’t want to be overweight and struggle with my weight all my life like my mom and her sisters. So I decided to learn about it and reverse that destiny, and in the process, I became in love with it.

My learning process

I decided to go back to school and my first course was in Spain in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid where I did a Nutrition and Diet Planning course for a year. Since that time I’ve never looked back.

I started sharing this lifestyle with everyone I knew and helping women make healthy changes in their life. I loved the fact that I could help people learn about healthy eating and make it part of their lives.

However, this year I started reflecting and felt I needed to keep learning. The nutrition science is a very complex one and it’s always changing, there are always new studies and theories. And I also felt I needed more guidance and community.


Starting a new Career as a Health Coach

I started looking at certifications that will help me improve my skills and gave the knowledge and community I was looking for. I looked online and there were a couple of schools that resonated with my philosophy.

One of them was the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I was looking into this school since I decided to study again and for some reason, I didn’t start at that moment. Now I looked back and I wish I have started sooner.

As I mentioned I was looking at this school for quite some time. I went to their website every once in a while to see the curriculum and the news.

There was something that they offered that attracted me so much. They have a holistic philosophy, focusing not only on food and exercise but in our general wellbeing.
Because the environment and surroundings affect our health as strongly as the food we eat.


The School

They offer a one-year Health Coach training program. And I believe it’s an amazing way to start your path on the world of wellness. This program offers you the opportunity to begin and expand your nutrition education by introducing you to a variety of topics and experts in nutrition and health.

They offer a library of more than 100 dietary theories from world-recognized experts in the field. From this training, you’ll be able to cultivate the path that speaks most to you.

So I personally believe that, even if you choose to pursue a career as a Certified Health Coach or you just want to learn how to improve your own lifestyle, IIN can give you the foundation you need––physically, mentally and emotionally.

Of course, in the course of your career, the learning should never stop and you will certainly keep adding more knowledge over time, but IIN is a fabulous place to start. No matter the direction this takes you, I can assure you that it’ll change your life for the better. IIN has now over 100,000 grads globally now!.

A few reasons why I recommend it:

  • Accessibility and flexibility: Their Learning Center it’s s easy to access anywhere you are on your own schedule. You don’t need to move, quit your job or put your life on hold. And the online system is compatible across all devices including your mobile, tablet or desktop. All the 40 modules can be accessed from this platform.
  • Well renowned experts as your teachers: Many of the top experts that I have learned through their books are part of the curriculum as advisors, speakers or coaches. These include Frank Lipman MD, Gretchen Rubin, Jeffrey Smith, Mark Bittman, Joel Fuhrman MD, Alicia Silverstone, Bernie Siegel MD, Andrew Weil MD, Andrea Beaman, Mark Hyman MD, Deepak Chopra MD, Christiane Northrup MD… the list goes on.
  • Career and business support: IIN helps you get your business started. Inside the 40 modules, they offer tools and guidance to know how to start you Health Coach practice if you choose to go that path. They also give you a fully customizable website with tools to leverage your brand online and marketing materials to help grow your platform.

I believe that an education like this should be a part of everyone’s life. Our bodies are such a perfect machine but they don’t come with owner’s manuals. We must figure out how to take good care for them. So even if you don’t have in your career plans to become a Certified Health Coach, the community that IIN provides and the knowledge you’ll get is priceless.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the program, IIN has put together a FREE sample class for all my readers. You can find out how this program could potentially change your life for the better today! Get the free sample class here.

In this class, you’ll meet the founder of IIN – Joshua Rosenthal – learn the mission of the program and the core concepts of the curriculum. You’ll also learn what health coaching is, how you can improve your health and happiness, and how that can create a ripple effect that changes the world.

Your exclusive access is only available for a limited time—get the class here.

Stay Active, Eat Healthy and Feel Amazing
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P.S. I want to support your journey. I’m currently living it myself and I can tell you how much has changed my life. Also, if you decide to enroll in the IIN program when you are referred by an Ambassador like me you can take advantage of amazing deals ––including a HUGE tuition discount.

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