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How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

“Dieting” is often the first thought when the topic of weight loss is brought up. Despite its traditional place in losing weight, it only works temporarily, and the weight often piles back on when the diet is over. Many diets are also unrealistic in their expectations, and the majority of people simply cannot sustain them for long—nor should they have to! Here are some more practical, long-term solutions for losing weight. You don’t have to restrict yourselves; you just need to modify what and how you eat to develop healthy eating habits.  


Eat Slowly

We are often in a hurry while eating. The pace of the modern world has disturbed some of our basic eating habits. Studies have shown that people who eat quickly consume 55 % more food than people who eat more slowly. This is significant. The reason behind it is that while eating hastily, we often don’t receive the signals from our over-stretched stomach, which is trying to tell us, “I am full.” These signals are internal control factors that regulate our appetite and tell us to stop when our stomach is appropriately full. Eat patiently and slowly, taking at least 15-20 minutes to finish each meal.


The balanced meal

Balanced meals can help you maintain your weight better than anything else. Know the ingredients and estimate the percentages of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Keep them in balanced proportion. Along with that, cut down on alcohol, sugar, and excess salt. Eat more vegetables and fresh fruits and avoid processed foods.


Protein intake

Proteins are essential for the body. A research study of two groups of obese people showed that the group placed on a high protein diet lost almost 80 % of their weight in a six-month period, as compared to the control group, which was served a moderate protein diet. The high protein diet also helped individuals stick longer to their diet plans. For females, add one average hand-sized piece of chicken, fish, or beef to every serving. Males should add twice that serving size of protein per meal.



Eat carbohydrates that are rich in fiber and low in sugar. They take more time to absorb and keep your belly full longer. These foods include pasta, bread, and white rice. The best time to eat carbohydrates is after a heavy work out. This is the time when your body needs to replenish the energy sources.

Amount to eat: Nutritionists suggest that you eat until you feel 80% full. This means that you eat just until you are no longer hungry, and stopping just before you feel uncomfortably full. The idea is that once you start this practice, your appetite gets lower. This helps you limit your required amount of food, and it helps your body digest the food you did eat more efficiently.


Increase your water consumption to 10-12 glasses a day. It not only helps to properly hydrate your body, but it is good for maintaining various bodily functions. Drink one glass before every meal. This helps to fill up the stomach with some amount of water. Hunger pains can often be confused with dehydration. Our body may actually be craving for water, but we are filling it with food. Drink a glass of water first, and then re-evaluate your hunger level.


About Me

Hi, My name is Adriana Rueda. I’m a Nutrition and Diet Planning expert and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Years ago I realized that for me it was very easy to gain weight. I gained over 25lb in 4 months! At the time I didn’t know anything about diet or exercise.

Because of this experience, I started taking interest in the field. I certainly didn’t want to be overweight and struggle with my weight all my life like my mom. I decided to learn about it and reverse that destiny, and in the process, I became in love with it.

I did so many diets. And tried different approaches. I even took pills, yikes! But 6 years ago I started a path to wellness. I needed to know the facts about food and how it influences us all. I got passionate about what I was learning every day and I felt it was my responsibility to share it and help others achieve what I have achieved. 

Now, I help busy women to strategically create a blueprint to get their health in order, in a simple and de-stressing way. To get the energy to focus on their work, to stop craving sugar, heal themselves from the inside out, and avoid gaining the weight back. I help women to truly live the life they deserve with more energy and mental clarity to work on their business and take care of themselves and their family.

It’s now my passion now to teach you how to make a healthy lifestyle a norm in your life. Teach you how to heal yourself from any illness, starting from your inner world, your gut. I want to teach you how to listen to your body and give it what he craves.

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Love & Wellness!



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