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Detox Your Way Through Life

Our bodies are works of art. The human body has incredible mechanisms for taking care of itself. But it often needs a boost and right kind of environment, both of which come from our diet. One way of doing your body a favor is by doing a detox. The word “detox” often conjures up the concept of weight loss. But, in reality, it is simply, and more importantly, a process of flushing toxins from our bodies that have built-up with the passage of time due to poor habits.

Weight loss often does occur, but the primary reason for a detox is to help your organs start working optimally, which requires more energy.

There are various methods that can be used for detoxing your body. You can take supplements or follow an exercise regimen, but the easiest and most natural way of detoxing your body is by adding foods to your diet that are naturally detoxifying.

Almonds for Liver

The liver has a tough job. It has to clean and filter blood, separate the toxins from it, and flush them out of the body. Over time, fat starts to build up in the liver due to poor eating habits, which then has a negative effect on its performance and increases the risk of liver cancer. You can help prevent or reverse any damage by eating a handful of almonds on a regular basis.


White Tea = Fat Blocker

Sure, tea has therapeutic properties but is also boasts some serious fat blasting capabilities. White tea especially has the ability to boost your lipolysis and block adipogenesis. These are two different processes that take place in our body when we drink white tea. In simple terms, Lipolysis is the process of breaking down the fat in your body, and Adipogenesis is the process of blocking the formation and creation of fat cells. So white tea dissolves already existing fat in your body and prevents the creation of new fat.


Heart health

A healthy heart is essential for a healthy life. Avocado is not just a body cleanser, but also a nutritional powerhouse because of its combination of monounsaturated fatty acids and glutathione. Both of these ingredients improve heart health because they prevent the absorption of harmful fats in the intestines that can lead to oxidative damage. These nutrients are also responsible for lowering cholesterol and dilating blood vessels.


Turmeric Pain Killer

Pain is what makes us human. But it is also human nature to avoid pain. Ice packs are commonly used for headache relief. But the same pain-numbing effect can also be achieved with turmeric. One of turmeric’s active ingredients, curcuminhas anti-inflammatory properties. This ingredient can reduce blockages created in the bile duct and help relieve fibrosis because it interferes with the inflammatory chemical reactions taking place in the body. Next time your body is in pain, instead of reaching for your medicine cabinet, try reaching for your kitchen cabinet.


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