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6 Nutrition Myths Unveiled – Update 2019

Did you know that many of the diet and nutrition myths you know are totally false?

Don’t feel bad because even those who study nutrition have had to relearn and update us in all these myths!

But the good thing is that you are updating soon. Today you are getting updated with the truth and the facts. Because these nutrition myths have been proven false after many scientific studies and research.


Myth #1: Fats makes us FAT

The myth that fat makes us fat and causes cardiovascular disease problems is a completely false myth. This myth is a consequence of a poorly performed study that unfortunately has caused severe consequences in our health.

It’s not the fat that causes us your problem, it’s the carbohydrates and the sugars!

In a previous article I talked about the benefits of fats in our diet and why we should include them.

Myth # 2: That we have to eat more whole grains to consume fiber

This is also a myth. You do not need to eat flours or grains to get the fiber. In fact, grains and flours are what have caused this epidemic of cardiovascular diseases obesity.

The real reason we are fat is because we eat a lot of flours, grains, carbohydrates and sugars.

Myth # 3: You have to eat three to four times a day

When you eat several times a day your insulin levels rise and when you raise insulin levels you are activating the fat accumulation system. And this, added to the excessive consumption of sugar carbohydrates, has been the main cause of the epidemic of obesity and various diseases in the world.

In another previous article I talked about the danger of sugars in our diet.


Myth # 4: You should not stop eating for more than three or four hours

It is being proven that intermittent fasting, which means to stop eating completely for 12 to 24 hours, is a super healthy practice that helps the body to get rid of toxins and to burn fat.

But this protocol must be accompanied by a good diet low in carbohydrates and low in sugars during the time you are eating.

It is also not good to fast every day. This is a practice that you can add to your healthy habits 3 to 4 times a week and maybe a couple of times a week do 24 hours of fasting.

However, if you want to start this type of protocol, I urge you to do so with guidance and supervision from a professional.


Myth # 5: You should not exercise on an empty stomach

According to this myth, our body supposedly eat our muscles. Which is not true either.

When you exercise in a fasting mode it also helps to burn fat from your own fat, the body gets to eat your muscles in extreme cases when you do not eat for several days in a row.

Myth # 6: Saturated fat from the egg increases cholesterol

This is totally false, the egg cholesterol is not the one that causes high cholesterol. The one that causes cholesterol are the sugars, grains, flours and carbohydrates.

The majority of the cholesterol that covers the arteries is produced by the body when you consume carbohydrates, not when you consume fats or cholesterol products such as eggs.

So, you are already informed of these myths, share and start lowering your carbohydrates which is what is killing us.

If you want to start the ketogenic diet but you have doubts about how you can live without carbohydrates, I invite you to do it gradually. And for this you can start with a simple 3-day challenge.

My 3-day Low Carb plan will give you an idea of ​​how to start and after that you can progressively start with the ketogenic diet.

Download the app by downloading my application for your phone by clicking on the image below.


To your health,

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