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Working out while pregnant? | Safe or not?

There are so many myth and misconception about Working out while Pregnant. Many people have told me “you have to be careful, it’s good you want to workout to feel great or because it’s your job as a coach, but your baby is a priority!” Hmmm, I’ve told those people that I actually keep doing this NOT only for me to feel better but FOR MY BABY!. Working out while pregnant gives you so many benefits for you AND most importantly, your baby!!!

 What are the Benefits of Working out while pregnant?

Exercise not only it helps you to have more energy, control nausea, gaining a healthy amount of weight but also it will be much easier for you to get your body back after baby {very important}!  Sounds like a win-win, right?!

These are just some facts about working out while pregnant, everything is positive!!

*For you:
  • Reduce risk of pregnancy complications
  • Prevents having gestational diabetes
  • If you were active before you’ll gain less fat during pregnancy.
  • Regain your pre-pregnancy body more quickly
  • Prepare you and your body for labor (strong muscles and heart)
  • You look better (more blood flow, healthy glow)
  • It makes you feel better (relieve aches, reduce constipation and sleep better),

*For Baby:

  • Reduce the risk of diabetes
  • Lower BMI
  • Boost to brain health
  • A fitter heart

What type of exercises can I do while pregnant?

There are many studies that prove the benefits of exercise during pregnancy. For example, your workout sessions could be five 30 min sessions or three or four longer classes a week. And the benefits are incremental, some exercise is better than none. Anything that raises your heart rate and gets your muscles engaged is good like:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Dance
  • Aerobics classes
  • Swimming
  • Weight Training


My advice for you

I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant and I feel really proud that I have all this energy to keep up with my workouts. What I’ve done is the same workout programs I’ve done for 3 years now and modify the moves. This is really common sense, and listen to your body. I’ve danced, I’ve used weights (in low range and according to my strength) I’ve done cardio, etc.  Working out consistently during almost 3 years has giving me the strength to have strong muscles and cardio resistance to be able to keep up. My mission is to promote healthy habits for life!

Yes, I may do this for a living and being a coach is one of the activities that keeps me accountable with my own health. However, if I weren’t a coach I still do my best to keep this lifestyle. Losing weight and being fit shouldn’t be a short-term goal, it should be a LIFE goal!! If you want to live longer, with a great quality of life, take it as a way of living. Because, a diet that last a week, or a month may help you lose a couple of pounds but the moment you stop the pills, the 2 shakes a day, the wraps, the injections you’ll get it ALL back and MORE!! Nourish your body with quality foods, take your vitamins supplements every day, workout daily. That’s what will make you healthy for life!

If you are scared of lifting weight during pregnancy, you can modify any movement with no weights, or using a resistance band. They come in all resistance levels. And this is not only for pregnant ladies!! Anyone who needs to modify because of an injury or just because they are not strong enough yet or don’t have weights. What I’m saying is, don’t put that as an excuse to not do your routine. You still can move and try the exercise with your own weight. Just do something. Failure comes when you stop trying!

In conclusion, if your doctor has given you the OK to exercise, let’s do it! Join me on this journey girl, we can do it together!! {I can even coach you and recommend a pregnancy-friendly workout and meal plan to follow

Always get the OK from your doctor to work out while pregnant, and most importantly listen to your body!! I promise you’ll feel great!!

Stay Active, Eat Healthy and Feel Amazing!
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