Jump Start -
1 Month Program

The Jumpstart Program is perfect for those who are ready to learn a make lifestyle changes, but want to take it one step at a time.

 Maybe you want to experiment with new foods, and you want to lean more about what means living a feeling healthy.

 You may want to discover and try new habits to set the foundation or maybe you want a review of your current lifestyle because you feel something is missing.

What we will cover 

  • We will create the foundation

  • Identify your goals and the big picture

  • Set the commitment

  • We will analyze the foods that are not serving you and making you lethargic

  • We will review your current Lifestyle

  • We will experimenting with new whole foods and meals that can help you focus more

  • We will discover new habits that fits your lifestyle

  • We will set new routines and mindset changes that will jumpstart your new lifestyle

With the JUMPSTART Program you will receive

  • One 1-hr complimentary assessment session to determine your goals and the changes we need to include in your lifestyle

  • Three 1-hour personal coaching session via any video conferencing platform. I'd like to see your beautiful face.

  • In each session we will assess your Nutrition and lifestyle, discuss your progress and you will get recommendations best on your results and goals.

  • Handouts about different nutrition and life topics depending on your goals

  • A Done-for-you suggested meals and recipes guide, so you can forget about the stress of not knowing what to eat for a month

  • Grocery shopping guides

  • E-books, for the nerd in you that likes to learn a lot!

  • Bonus material customized to your own goals

  • Email support and accountability between sessions during the program

Main goals of this program

  • During the first session, you will set three core goals for the month. 

  • You will start practicing building awareness about your lifestyle choices

  • You will start creating mindfulness and confidence about what your body really needs to achieve your goals

  • You will learn the basics of what "healthy eating" means for your, as we are all different

  • You will finish with and arsenal of tools to jumpstart your new energetic and thriving life  

  • You will have in your toolbox many new ideas for meals and how to combine food so you can feel mentally focus and release the stress of meal planning

Let's get started!

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