_32C6684My name is Adriana Rueda. This is my blog and here you can find reliable information about nutrition and healthy eating that you can apply in a simple and easy way.

I’m originally from Venezuela, lived in Spain for a couple of years and then move to Canada 2 years ago. I have a bachelor degree as a Chemical Engineer from USB, Caracas. I love chemistry and how it affect us all in our life. Everything is chemistry: the house where we life, the land, the air, the sea, the FOOD! And I love food and the way it influences in our health and how many year we will live. Without food, we wouldn’t exists. “Let food be your medicine” Hippocrates said

I started my path to a healthier life over 6 years ago. You can read my complete story in this site too. I wanted to look and feel healthy and fight against the “obesity gene” that runs in my family. I need to know the facts about food and how it influences us all. After a few years I got passionate about what I was learning every day and I felt it was my responsibility to share what I learnt and help others achieve what I have achieved.

In 2010 I started a blog in Spanish (http://www.vivirenbienestar.com) in which I share nutrition and general wellness tips, and many things I have learned during the nutrition courses I took in Spain. In 2011 my Coach Carmen Melgoza contacted me to begin collaboration relation between our blogs. In our conversations she mentioned about Beachbody and what this company offers. I was very attracted by the company main goal: to offer people exercise programs, excellent supplements and simple meal plans designed for all people who wants to make a change to a healthier lifestyle and have easy and simple guides to help them be successful in the process.

She mentioned about the coaching opportunity. But at that time I could not become a coach because I was living in Spain and Beachbody products were only offered in the U.S and Canada. In 2012 I moved to Canada to continue my studies in Nutrition and I contacted Carmen to start the Turbo Fire program and loved it! Its’ a kickboxing program that helps you have fun while burning calories, excellent!

With the responsibilities of my home and my studies I neglected the time to exercise and I honestly didn’t do the program continuously until I woke up again because I was starting to let the “obesity gene” win the battle again. I decided that my responsibilities of wanting to get good grades in college and be a professional would not stop me to feel healthy inside and out.


I decided to resume my fight against the gene and I started another program called 10 Min Trainer and I started drinking Shakeology, and I was hooked. By really reading the label and with the knowledge I had in nutrition I knew that Shakeology was the perfect supplement to get me back on my healthy path: fight the obesity gene, and have a way to control the insulin resistance because it is has a Low Glycemic Index, so it was perfect for me. I have tried many other shakes before and none of them made me feel so great and energized, curb all the craving I had for junk food, and in general help me keep my healthy weight and feel great!!

Feeling the benefits of Shakeology and the program I knew I had to share it with the world. So, I decided to join Beachbody and be a Coach! I knew it was a way to reach many more people, share my message of adopting healthy habits and devote myself to what I actually was passionate about for almost 7 years: Health and Wellness

Last year I created Adriana Wellness to address all the topic in nutrition and fitness in a simple way and teach you how to incorporate healthy eating and regular exercise in your daily life. Because I know that to get healthy you need  to feel have reliable information and feel conformable when choosing your meals daily, knowing that you are making the right decisions and you are getting closer to your goals everyday.

I continued my path to a healthy life and decided to start T25 and P90X3 and now I’m much closer to my goals to be fit. I’m feeling more energetic, fit and stronger. I loved these programs because they are short (only 30min a day) and get the job done!


Being a Beachbody coach means to be passionate about helping others to regain control of their life and their body. To motivate and inspire other to live healthier lives and help stop the trend of obesity that is taking this society to be more obese and full of linked-poor-diet and low-physical activity diseases. And all that just by recommending home-workout programs, simple meal plans and quality supplements like Shakeology that allow people to make phenomenal changes in their life and health.

To be Beachbody coach is NOT required to have extensive knowledge of nutrition and fitness, it is only necessary that you are determined to change your life and motivate and inspire others to follow your way. This way we can reverse the trend of obesity together.

And yes, it’s a great business opportunity. This wasn’t my main goal at the beginning, but I was able to pay cash all my Christmas gifts last year! yes, cash!. Only by recommending the programs I love. This year my main goal is becoming a full time coach, because it’s what I’d really love to do: be dedicated to inspire and motivate people to be healthy and achieve their health and fitness!

I’m building my team of coaches now and I’d love for you to join me onn this journey and work together to accomplish great things. I’m decided and committed to help YOU with your fitness and business goals if you decide to join me on this new adventure!

If you are think to become a Beachbody Coach, I invite you to reach out to me and let me know your fitness and business goals by filling out the form below. I’m sure that together we can accomplish great things!!

Start with yourself and those around you. It’s a decision you’ll never regret!!




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Your Coach!

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