Can you really afford Shakeology? | Think before you buy it

I talk to people daily and they all want Shakeology!! They realize its benefits and its uniqueness among all the nutritional supplements and meal replacement shakes in the market. They understand it’s good for them and can help them fight disease, lose weight, lower their cholesterol, gain energy, curb cravings, feel better, etc, etc But they back down at the cost. So, can you afford Shakeology?

This was written by a fellow Coach and it sums it all up pretty good!!

You really can.

There is really no excuse. I felt disturbed that I had left out Shakeology from my suggested meal plan, especially given the fact that many of the foods we eat today (particularly our chicken/fish/meat) are of such poor quality. It makes sense that Shakeology would make up for some of the nutrient deficient foods we consume as a society. But, the question remains: Can you afford it?

If I left it out of my meal plan, then somewhere in my mind I was saying, “No, there is little room for it in a tight budget.” However, somehow that just didn’t jive with me. Let’s do the math together and you decide.

The cost of Shakeology on autoship (+2$ shipping)  is $129.99. Plus tax, say around $138, for one month’s supply (1 serving a day for 30 days). Each shake comes out to about $4.60. The coach price for Shakeology on autoship is $97.46 or around $105 total. Each serving comes out to $3.50.

Too much you say? Not if you are using Shakeology as a meal replacement, which, by the way, will help you lose weight. Remember: Subjects in a 90-Day study lost an average of 10lbs when they replaced just one meal per day with Shakeology.

The cost of an average lunch at a restaurant or take-out: $6 to $9. Plus, even Subway sandwiches which are reputably low-cal average 460 to 560 calories. Shakeology has 140 calories, less than 1 gram of fat per serving, annnnnnd it is truly nutrient rich.

The cost of an average take out or restaurant dinner: $10 & up to be sure.

The cost of a home-cooked lunch or dinner: 6-8 ounces of chicken = $2.00 (and we are talking low-grade chicken), veggies= $1 (frozen veggies are really okay! hurray!) and 1 sweet potato = from .5 to $1.00. Total= about $3.5.

Conclusion: You are spending about $3-4 on a home-cooked meal, the same amount that you would spend on Shakeology.****

Now I think, why many people back down at the price? I think the resistance of getting it depend more on our thinking and prejudice than the actual ability to afford Shakeology, without thinking about out budget. I think that many people see Shakeology as a luxury item……… Hmmmm but is it really? I invite you to watch the following video.


We don’t think twice of spending $4 on mass-produced food that doesn’t nourish us, but we protest that $4 for Shakeology is too expensive?! Ummm, I think there’s something wrong with our thinking, don’t you think? This outside the box my friends!!


Stay Active, Live Healthy and Feel Amazing!

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