If I stop Drinking Shakeology will I gain all the weight back?

Today I want to address the main question people ask me regularly about Shakeology: “If I stop Drinking Shakeology, will I gain all the weight back? I want to answer this question in detail and explain you my experience drinking shakeolgy for 4 year now.

Nutrition for our bodies

For most of us maintaining a healthy diet is not always easy. Unfortunately the topic of healthy eating and nutrition is not one of the subject taught at school (unless you study nutrition specifically) So, for many people is unclear and it’s difficult to know how to follow a healthy diet everyday. Most of us don’t know about all those vitamins and nutrients that are mentioned in food packages. Many are unaware that these are essential to our bodies to accelerate our metabolism and burn fat key to weight loss). Many people think that protein is what we need the most to lose weight (and that’s a myth).

To lose weight in a healthy way, our bodies need to be nourished. And that means provide it with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are essential for it’s primary functions. In another article I talked about the vitamins and minerals in our diet and the role they play. So, if we don’t nourish our body in a complete way, it won’t work as it should. It will basically store fat instead of releasing it.

If the body don’t receive the nutrients it needs then cravings occur and we tend to grab the less nutritious food we find. Then, because we still not giving it what it needs, he body asks for more (more cravings). And then it starts saving and storing the calories he receive for later. This is because the body thinks it won’t receive the essentials. And this becomes a constant vicious cycle.

How to prevent the vicious cycle

First of all, we need to inform ourselves about how our bodies work and how can we improve our health daily (good for you, you are doing it right now!) Second, we need to find a way to easily give or body what it needs. Because let’s face it, we are all busy with work, family, school, etc and trying to have a perfect diet everyday is almost impossible.

You may decide one day you are going to make changes, but after a week you get invited to a party and you eat what you shouldn’t. Then you lose the momentum you had and get frustrated. So, you get back to your all habits, and tat becomes a cycle. I was on that cycle as well, and got tired of going in and out a diet and decided to learn and make the changes for good. I did my research and realised that we don’t need to be always  “on a diet”. We just have to make little changes everyday that are sustainable in time.

We need to learn how our body works and make the effort to give it the nutrition it needs. I learned that, because our food now is not as nutritions as before, we need to supplement our diet in a way that is complete with all the nutrients it needs. And that’s when I found Shakeology.

How can Shakeology help you have a healthy lifestyle?

When I was looking for a way to supplement my diet and really focus on nutrition, instead of just looking for another “diet” I researched something that could provide me with a dense supplementation that it wasn’t a pill. I believe that pills are not the best way to supplement since many of those vitamins are not absorb by the body. I think that the best way to get vitamins supplements is in a liquid form. That way the nutrients are easily absorbed. I found that shakeolgy was exactly that, so I researched it and tried it.

I learned that this shake is not just another protein shake, because those are not made to improve our overall health. Also I learned that shakeology was not another meal replacement either, even though it can be used as that and it can help to lose weight. The main benefits that your are going to see drinking Shakeology is in your overall health (better digestion, more energy, less cravings, better skin, hair and nails, and so on).

My Experience

Since day one I got hooked with Shakeology. I loved the way we can mix it with so many different fruits, milks, butters, vegetable to make it taste as we want. And even just with water it taste good (not my favourite honestly but for an emergency snack, it’s good!). For me Shakeolgy is a meal, my breakfast, and honestly it is simply “My healthiest meal of the day”. Why? Because it provides with so dense nutrition in just one glass. When I have it in the morning I know that most of the nutrients I need in the day are covered. Of course we need to have 4 other meals (2 meals and 2 snacks) but I already know that my body start the day on the right foot.

The ingredients

The main fact that made me choose Shakeology are the ingredients. When you want to compare any food product, we must always read the ingredient list. It’s a mistake to just see the quantity of calories, protein and fats in a package. That doesn’t tell you if the product is actually good for you or not. A product with high calories and fat could be a bag of chips or a product made with avocado. The later is so much healthy even with al those calories and fats (those are good fats).

If you read the ingredients listed in Shakeology you see that they are all natural whole foods. These ingredients are the called super plants that contain healing and medicinal properties. Plants like chia, maca, quinoa, flax, goji, moringa, espirulina, schisandra, yacon root, sacha inchi and so on. More than 70 ingredients. These plant have been used all around the world, from the Indigenous, in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda and their ancestors for centuries to cure their diseases. And it’s amazing that now you can have them in a bag and you can take a glass every day. This is the main reason that I started drinking Shakeology daily. I want to fill my body with natural medicine.

Humanitarian Product

Did you know that the company who manufactures Shakeology (Beachbody) source these ingredient from local producers around the world helping the economy in those places?. They do, so as a venezuelan and knowing how many struggle have the people in developing countries, I feel much better knowing that from where I live I can help them with the purchase of my daily breakfast. That’s double benefit.

Shakeology is prevention medicine.

I’m a huge believer in prevention medicine as I’ve experienced first hand. I, as many people, have that “obesity gene”, meaning that I can gain weights just buy looking at a chocolate cake, or any cake for that matter LOL. I also have tendency to diabetes type 2. You can read my story here 🙂 However, 12 years ago I made a change and decided that I will NOT help the gene win the battle and I will prevent obesity no matter what. So, I made changes, I started changing habits and eating more of the goods foods and less of the bad ones. I made a commitment to exercise regularly and learn how to fuel my body better to prevent all those diseases caused by obesity. And I succeeded. Now and 35 I feel more energetic and alive than at 24.

Long term benefits – Not a miracle pill

I don’t know all the details about how shakeology ingredients work on your body. What I know is how they have worked for me. And I know that the indigenous people in South America have lived so healthy during centuries eating many of these plants. They use them to cure diseases so why not follow their path to a healthy life? That’s why I prefer to keep  drinking shakeology daily. I haven’t been sick since I’m drinking it daily (4 years at this date) only very mild colds (I live in Canada and the weather changes so fast). Also, I have maintained my weight in a healthy number, I lost the 34 lb that I gained during my pregnancy in 4 months. And I won the batter of obesity and diabetes.

So, in my opinion and experience, drinking shakeology daily would bring so much benefit to your health. I’m not saying is a miracle shake that will melt that fat (you need to include it in a healthy lifestyle) But in any case it could give you so much benefit in the long term. The cost of the bag would be tiny for the savings you get in medicines and doctor visits. I my opinion and experience, prevention medicine and invest in your health is the most economical way to stay healthy.

 If we stop eating healthy we gain the weight back?

Now I’d ask you this: Do you think you will gain the weight back if you stop eating healthy? This is what happens with shakeology as well. I’m not saying that this shake is a magic pill, and it doesn’t have any special ingredient that burns the fat either. You need to have a healthy diet during the day. You need to eat 4-5 times a day and include a variety of foods. But shakeology does help to have better decisions on you food choices. How? all the nutrients that you receive, help the body feel better and with more energy, with less cravings for unhealthy food. And as a result you will instinctively eat better during the day. That’s how shakeolgy helps you sustain a better eating habits.

Besides, is not just about the weight, it’s about having a quality of life. Essentially is a long term benefit what you are getting and saving so much money in other things like medical bills and medicine. It’s been more than 3 years that I have’t gotten sick, just mild colds. My husband and my baby as well, we are a very healthy family. The long term benefits are incredible. So, why would I want to stop something that has had so much positive influence in my life and my family’s?

Perhaps you think, “but I feel good and healthy, would I need it?”. Well, I had years eating “healthy” but when I started to feel the dramatic difference in my health, energy levels, far fewer cravings, regularity, etc, etc. I realised that I really needed to supplement my diet before. I started to feel really AMAZING

The price. Is it worth it?

Shakeology substitute a complete meal of your day, and it cost $5 each. A 30 complete and fully nutritious meals of the months in one bag. If you compare the price of shakeology with other vitamin supplements or meal replacements that are cheap and have made with chemicals and additives, sure, shakeology cost more. These companies lower their costs of production used poor quality ingredients. Shakeology is worth more than others because there are high quality ingredients. It just common sense nd for me is 100% worth the investment.

We chose to cut out a lot of things we bought before, like boxed and frozen foods, trips to the coffee shop, pre-package foods, etc, to fit it in our monthly budget. Things that in the end cost us much more than just money. Listen if you want to do something you find a way, if not you’ll find a excuse. We are all like that, if we want to buy something we find the money at all costs. You just have to educate yourself and see the value of it, not just the dollar signs. If you read, research and actually try it for at leat 30 days, you’ll judge for yourself if the costs of the bag is worth it.

Bottom line

So, why do I recommend it with such passion? Because it is something that everyone should use to improve their health, honestly. I feel responsible to share something that has helped me, my family and countless others. I don’t want to keep the secret ;). Also, because many people are are un-informed about good nutriton and how improve their life. There is an obesity epidemic in the world and I have a tool that I had the privilege of knowing before others. And this tool has helped stop obesity and improve the health of many people. I truly feel I have that mission.

I found and proven that good food is what helps to lose weight, maintain, improve overall health to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Food is medicine, my friends. And shakeology gives you the ability to prevent disease and lower the obesity epidemic.

I just really encourage you to try it. It has a guarantee so you don’t have nothing to lose, just a few pounds. So, if you are really interested in knowing more I’m available to answer all you questions and help you try it if you want. Leave me your email in the comment section below and let’s chat!

Stay Active, Eat Healthy and Feel Amazing!

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