Shakeology During Pregnancy | Is it SAFE?

Many people ask me daily “what’s that protein shake you take?” And many fellow pregnant ladies ask “Shakeology during pregnancy / breastfeeding, is it safe?” And I wonder what do you think isn’t safe about it?. I understand that you may not be informed about the ingredients and the benefits. But what I think is that many new moms would eat a Big Mac with a soda without thinking is it safe for their baby. I say it because I’ve seen it. So, why is that we question so much a nutritious meal like Shakeology? To help you decide I want to inform you why Shakeology, in my opinion, is great for a developing baby

Two Facts about Shakeology

1. Shakeology is NOT a protein shake like all those you buy at the store, that have so many fillers and chemicals and cheaper ingredients. IT’S SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. It’s a complete meal that contains all the vitamins and things we all need to help our cells function properly. Which make your metabolism work like it should (aka burn excess and take what’s good)

2. I’m convinced that this has been the CATALYST for how I’m SO HEALTHY now during my pregnancy (my doctor said “you are just sooo healthy”). So, I’m going to say, in my opinion, is the best thing a pregnant woman can drink to keep herself and her baby healthy!. I also know many other women that have taken Shakeology during pregnancy and breastfeeding and they felt the same.

I’ve been drinking this liquid gold for nearly 3 years, WELL BEFORE I was even thinking of starting a family. And this product has helped me and my family stay out the doctors office, stop taking any medication for colds or head aches, have great digestion and tons of energy!. Just to name a few benefits. It has helped me and Danny during the first trimester of pregnancy when all I truly wanted was empty calories, and now I have so GREAT digestion and energy. But it helps with different things for different people.

My Concerns About Shakeology

One concern about Shakeology during pregnancy is the quantity of Vitamin A and that you may get a mega dose with this. That’s far from the truth. To get an overdose you have to drink like 150 shakes a day. Shakeology is not designed to drink it 3 times a day as a meal, NOP. You drink it once a day to get your dose of vitamins and help with your diet. Besides the type of vitamins A that shakeolgy contains is Beta Carotene, that is the same natural type of vitamin A that carrots give you. And you’ll never get and overdose of that type of vitamin by eating carrots!. And overdose of Vitamin A can occur when you take Retinol in excess, and that’s the type of vitamins that supplements have.

To avoid that and to be on the safe side, I’ve used shakeolgy as my ONE AND ONLY prenatal vitamin supplement. And my doctor agreed with me on that. The only thing I’ve added is extra folic acid and, in the third trimester, Iron. This is because Shakeology is made to nourish average people, not specially pregnant women. So you need a little more of those if you are with child.

Shakeolgy is a one of a kind product, honestly. It doesn’t compare to any other meal replacement or protein shake that are made of soy, full of fillers and chemicals. It’s priced higher that those because it has actually has MUCH BETTER quality of ingredients!. Beachbody makes sure of that and doesn’t mess around. Shakeology it’s formulated to support all the systems of your body in a deep way. To go into the cells and help them work properly and fill them with the stuff they crave. Our body is a complex machine and it’s designed to eat this stuff: all natural, whole foods. The 11 systems get supported and why not give this stuff to a developing human being?

My Experience in Pregnancy

Moreover Shakeology has helped me stay on track with my nutrition during these months. I’ve been super regular and cero constipation (a common problem among pregnant ladies right?). My energy levels are super high and cravings controlled! Of course I still eat my ocasional chocolate piece of cake or cookie, but everything in moderation. And every morning I get my chocolate fix with my favorite shakeolgy flavor. Besides my doctor told me I’m on track on my weight gain. Not too much and not too little, and that’t super important during pregnancy so you don’t have problems during labor and you can get you body back faster.

But with all that being said, I can’t prescribe anything to you. I’m NOT your doctor. If you want to be sure if Shakeology during Pregnancy is safe you definitely have to take the ingredient list and show it to your doctor so he can assess if it’s good for you. I don’t know if you have an allergy of some kind or an intolerance and everyone is different. Also you should talk to him/her before starting a new exercise and nutrition program if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The Decision is Yours

I hope this help you to make a assessment and decided if you want to drink Shakeology during Pregnancy, before or after. I’ve felt amazing so far and my boy is growing very healthy. And of course always listen to your body, that’s the first rule. At 33 weeks pregnant I still workout 5-6 times a week, take my decaf coffee every morning, drink my shakeology daily and eat according to my portion control program.

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to email me at or comment below and I’ll be happy to help you!

Stay Active, Eat Healthy and Feel Amazing!

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