Do you have an Accountability Partner?

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Do you have an Accountability Partner? A coach? Are you part of a group that keeps you accountable and motivated in your journey to lose weight?

If not,  I really encourage you yo get  one NOW, Why? Because that will make the difference between SUCCESS and FAILURE!

Having a group and an Accountability Partner by your side that understand this process and feel the same struggles that your are feeling, it’s KEY to be successful. This process it’s not easy and it’s not fast. I know for experience that this takes time! Maybe more that you expect. If you got to this point after 5, 10, 20 years well, getting your health back or getting fit is not going to take 1 week, or 1 months, or even 1 year. It’s a process that you have to be committed to follow thru, and be consistent.

There are 4 factors that determine success in this project you are embarking on, Brain Tracy call them the 4D’s of success:

Accountability Partner

Desire: Having that dream and inner desire to change. This factor is inside you now. I know you have that dream of looking at the mirror and be confortable in your own skin. I know you want to change and feel healthier to be with your family for a long life time. I know you want to fit into those jeans that you love but are 2 sizes less that your can use now. I know that you probably want to fit into your wedding dress and feel like a princess. So, hold on to that desire because this is what will keep you going when everything seems impossible.

Decision: This is where your desire will push you, to make the decision. Making a decision to change it’s not easy, I know! But your desire, your “WHY”, will make it easier for you. Your need to look into your heart and imagine how would you feel a month or a year from now, and that decision will come a piece of cake! Once the decision is made, nobody can stop you!

Determination: This factor keep you at it until you succeed in spite of all the problems and obstacles you will experience. You’ll stumble, you’ll fall. Some days you’ll feel that this is not for you, that you really don’t need to do this. But, having that determination to keep going because you desire to live longer and see your grand children grow old, will  make the difference. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth worthy in life comes easy! Keep that in mind

Discipline: This is where you Accountability Partner and you support group will help you the most. Discipline is difficult to develop if you don’t have a strong desire or “why” to keep going. That’s why it’s important to know why your are doing this. You partner and the group will help you to be discipline by pushing you and motivate you to work everyday on your goals. they will make sure that your don’t forget your “why” and that you stay consistent until your reach your goal.

I encourage you to think about that desire you hsick of bein sickave; why you want to change and make a decision to get to that goal. Having someone to help you through this process is KEY; it will help you stay consistent and believe that YOU REALLY CAN DO THIS! Anyone can, you just have to follow the 4D’s and BELIEVE!

I’m here to be your Accountability Partner in this process; I’m here to push you everyday and remind you why are you doing this. When you make that decision I’ll be here to connect you with a a group of people that are so empowered and motivate to reach their goals, and that will keep you going forward everyday, and NOT GIVE UP!!



Ready to join? Just contact me and we’ll get your started!

Want to get started NOW? Fill out the form and let set you up with the tools!!

Remember, Never Give UP! You can do This!!

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