My 21 Day Fix Journey|Round 1 Results!!

I just finished r21 Day Fix Round 1 Results! ound 1 of the 21 Day fix and I feel amazing!! I didn’t wanted to lose weight but to toned my stomach and build more muscle and I can say I’m on the right track! Today I want to tell you a little more about my 21 Day fix Journey!

The 21 Day fix gives you a detailed eating guide that is easy to follow, and if followed to a “T” you’ll get awesome results, WARRANTED!!

The science

We tend to eat bigger portions that we actually need, and this is something difficult to control, being the we are used to that by now and our bodies ask us o give them a lot of food. This program helps you control the portions and actually eat the right foods Eating more lean protein, more vegetables, right amounts of healthy fats and exercising can help you make that change your are looking for. I was in a plateau and this programs helped me make a twist on my diet that help me start building more muscle and shred the fat! If you are looking for a program to help you lose those final pounds, brEak the plateau or simple give you a guide to eating healthy, THIS IS THE PROGRAM YOU SHOULD DO!

The guide is easy to use and you can prepare your meal as you decides using the food list. Here are some ideas from my meals:



21 Day Fix Meal Plan picmonkey
21 Day fix Journey Meal Plan

You get the containers the help you measure your food and get the right portions. And it’s important to BE PREPARED!

Week 3 Collage

 You just need to select the food from the list and measure it in the containers

Week 1 Veggie Egg whites omeletDay #10 meals

21 day fix breakfast
21 Day fix Journey food


Watch my getting started video when I explain more about what is included in the program:


My 21 Day fix Journey doesn’t stop here!! This is just the beginning. You should create or start creating a habit in 21 days, but doing it just for 21 days won’t get you to your goals! You have to keep going and I keep going Do you want to join me on this journey? Join my Next 21 Day fix Journey – Accountability Group an let’s do this:


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