Why should you take Multivitamins Supplements?

Multivitamins Supplements

Why take a Multivitamins Supplements?: We all know that to be healthy and fight disease we need to provide our body of all the nutrients it is created to work with: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, protein, carbohydrates, fats, etc. Each component has its own role in the body and most of them work together to keep the machine working properly. Our body is a machine that needs fuel, but it needs a PROPER fuel to work as it should to prevent breakdowns like flues, colds and more dangerous diseases. If there is lack of any of these nutrients and chemicals the machine cannot work at its fullest, and the food we eat nowadays does not provide the body with the complete amount of these components. Why? The soils do not give the proper fuel to the plants so the fruits become as nutritious as they should, not only because the pesticides and herbicides that are used but, also because they have been over used in time.

Even the most expert nutritionist could not create an eating plan the provide you with the 100% of the nutrients we need.  Why is that? Because the food we have available is not of high quality. Here in Canada (an in North America in general) we get vegetable and fruits from other counties so far a way that the nutrients are lost in the journey. These components are very fragile to be destroyed by temperature, light, oxidation, etc. Because they need to harvest the plant when the fruits are still very young, they do not grow properly. Then they had to freeze them to avoid ripening before getting to the stores. As a result, the food we buy is, in most cases, 5 days old already when they offer it to the public and then they keep it there other 2 or 3 more days. So, the fruits and vegetable, that are the ones that provide the most quantity and quality of nutrients, does not have them. The nutrients have been almost destroyed in the process of getting them here. So, how should we get the nutrients that our body need? BY Using Multivitamins Supplements!!

It is been researched and proven that vitamins and minerals are key components for our body to function properly. There are only 28 of these nutrients that work together in all the reactions that occur in our bodies to function: metabolism, growth, brain function, skin texture, etc. In our body occur millions of those reactions, which mean that each vitamin a mineral has a role in thousands of those reactions. This tell us that if there is lack of only ONE vitamin or mineral, many reactions in our body can get compromise and we can get different diseases. Even if they do not seam related at all, they are, and the link is that one vitamin. That is why we must consume each and all of the nutrients essential for our systems, and nowadays the only way we can guarantee that is by supplementing with multivitamins supplements.

However, not all the supplements are the same. I have tried many take Multivitamins Supplements in pill form and I have noticed, and maybe you too, that when you take a pill it seems that you are wasting your money because it all goes down the toilet (you know what I mean right?). That means that they do not get absorb in the body as they should, mainly because of the several other components that they put in the cover of the pill, that prevent the vitamins to be absorb 100% in the small intestine. The Multivitamins Supplements should be taken in liquid form, this way they are easily digested and absorbs completely in the body and you do not waste your money.

That is why I chose Shakeolgy as my Multivitamins Supplement. It is not only a high protein shake but it has also ALL the vitamins and minerals our body needs to function properly in their recommended amounts for an average person. Besides it is loaded with many other nutrients that work in conjunction with the last ones. These other nutrients are also very important for the proper functions for our organism, such as antioxidants (to prevent oxidation of cells, meaning aging), enzymes and probiotics (to help with digestion), phytonutrients (to help fight diseases by detoxifying), fiber (help with regularity), adaptogens (to support immune system). It is a balanced shake that provides you with a complete meal and guarantees you that you are getting all the nutrients your needs to work at your fullest and live many years. It is important to mention that the ingredients in Shakeolgy come from organic sources and it does not contain any artificial flavor or additives. We have enough chemicals added to the food nowadays that we do not want to put anymore, right?

Shakeoogy Ingredient Chart by adrianawellness


An important aspect of Shakeology is that is Certified Low Glycemic Index, which means that it gets absorb slowly in your system helping you feel full for a longer period of time, and avoiding high peaks of sugar in the blood, which helps reduce the symptoms of insulin resistance.

Shakeolgy comes in a powder form that you mix with any liquid and other fruits or nuts so, you can create a delicious smoothie that guarantee you that all the vitamins and the other nutrients are absorb in the body 100%.  I’ve noticed

Did I mention that it taste delicious too? I have tried many other shakes and all of them tasted like cough syrup (in my opinion). But with Shakeolgy I can change the flavor everyday by adding any fruit I want, milks, nuts, seeds, etc. so I never get bored with the same flavor. It even tastes good with water alone!

I really recommend you to try it. It’s not the same that I tell you all the benefits you can get by drinking it; you need to feel them! If you REALLY want to try it and are serious about making a lifestyle change I can definitely help you.

I really believe that if your try it you want to keep feeling the benefits. The success is there, you just have to be willing to try and trust the process!!


Remember, Nutrition is Wellness!!

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